Intuitive & innovative tech for medication tracking and process management

  • Real-time data and web-enabled reports provide the information you need to detect problems, suggest improvements and guide your pharmacy workflow.

  • Our tools fit seamlessly into existing workflows, allowing pharmacy administrators to see exactly how medications move from the initial order to final delivery.

  • Eliminate bottlenecks caused by misplaced or misfilled medications. Once a medication enters the system, it's tracked every step of the way.

Track, Maintain, and Improve Pharmacy Operations

  • Track, Maintain, and Improve Pharmacy Operations
  • Real-time medication and workflow tracking
  • Integrated workflow management tools
  • An intuitive, easy to use handheld interface
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Interactive, real-time surveillance of dispensing and delivery through configurable web-based wallboard

Drive Performance Improvement

  • Instantly available data and web- enabled reports
  • At-a-glance views into workflows
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Chain-of-custody tracking for any medication
  • Integrated safety features through Critical Step Verification™

Reduce Cost and Waste— Improve Efficiencies

  • Improve pharmacy workflow and efficiency
  • Reduce waste through reduction in “missing” medications
  • Improve productivity and reduce re-work
  • Enhanced communication with nursing regarding delivery status

Developed by experts in pharmacy operations and Lean Six Sigma

With Pharmtrac.PD, improve typical turnaround time
and on-time delivery by more than 60%.

* Based on data from a 900-bed hospital within first 90 days post-Pharmtrac.PD install

Advanced reporting

Real-time tracking and web-based reports provide an always-available window into your daily processes. Our introductory video explains how.

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Reduced costs

Eliminate staff and medication expenses caused by searching for and refilling "lost" medications. Learn how with our ROI calculation tool.

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Critical Step Verification™

Follow, verify and confirm medications at every point before they reach the patient. Reap the benefits of knowing where your meds are.

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Minimal Footprint

Mobile devices and software are designed to provide big improvements with minimal impact on existing workflows.

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